Welcome to Flight 64!

Founded in 2003, Flight 64 is a member-run 501c3 non-profit print studio supporting print based artists by providing the tools they need to develop their work. The Flight 64 member gallery, located inside the studio, hosts monthly exhibits on most Last Thursdays from 6-9pm.

Print at Flight 64!

Full-time Member:

+ 3+ month commitment
+ Volunteers time & art to Flight 64
+ $90 per month

Guest Artist:

+ Month-to-month commitment
+ No volunteer commitment necessary
+ $150 per month

Our Facilities

Flight 64 provides basic supplies such as etching grounds, cleaners and silkscreen emulsion, newsprint and black ink for all mediums. The following equipment is also available.

47″ x 35″ Exposure Unit
Wash out booth with power washer
Community Screens
50″ x 37″ drying rack for the screen studio
26″ x 34″ Screen Printing Hinged Mobil Flat
19″ x 28″ Slanted Vacuum Table
18″ x 25″ Flat Vacuum Table
27″ x 22″ Vertical Ferric Chloride Acid Tank
Charles Brand Etching Press with 28″ x 50″ press bed
Hot Plate
Bi-weekly Rag Service
36″ x 24″ Weighted Blotter
24″ x 32″ drying rack for etching/litho studio
Griffin lithography Press with 28″ x 50″ press bed
42″ x 30″ Graining Sink
Communal Stones
Carborundum and Levigators
Basic Processing Supplies, Cleaners, Solvents and Emulsion
Flat file drawer rental in addition to basic member storage
Vandercook Manual Proofing Press with 20″ x 24″ press bed
Chandler and Price Manual Clam Shell Press with 5, 6.5″ x 10″ Chases
36″ x 25″ light table
Small assortment of type and dingbats

Teach at Flight 64!

Flight 64 is available to rent for weekend workshops. All workshops have to be approved by the current Flight 64 members. Upon approval artists/educators can rent the studio over the weekend for a sliding scale fee of $500 to $750.

Flight 64 members have the benefit of hosting workshops at a discounted rate with more flexible scheduling options.

Interested in teaching a workshop? Email us at flight64studio@gmail.com